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Don OlsenCatenary Video Productions was established in 1986 by Donald L. Olsen. Encouraged by the fine cinematography of his father, Leslie, Don took up movie making, and found it an ideal medium for recording his major interests -- steam railroading, interurbans and steamships.

He has accumulated a library of some 50,000 feet of 16mm film, adding to his own films footage from the cameras of fine cinematographers such as Art Alter, Chuck Savage, Wil Whittaker, and Lous Stein. Although the library covers subjects back to the turn of the century, the majority of the footage was taken from the 1930's to the 1950's, and is in color.

Clips from his historical collection have been used in some outstanding local TV programs on transportation in the Bay Area. Don's goal is to transfer much of it to high quality video so it is available for the enjoyment of interested persons and placed in suitable archives.

Don's most exciting experience was firing on the Shasta Division of the Southern Pacific in 1947-48. Steam was still king, and most of the time was spent on cab-ahead helpers out of Dunsmuir. Seeing that beautiful country at all times of the day and year from cabs of thundering steam was the ultimate job for a born steam fan!

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