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Smoke in
Niles Canyon

A Pictorial History of the
Niles Canyon Railway
Past - Present - Future

The history of trains in Niles Canyon dates back to 1862, when the first Western Pacific Railroad Company started construction in San Jose, California and headed towards Sacramento. Today the Pacific Locomotive Association operates trains in the same location, using historic equipment.

Archival films from Catenary Video show many early trains in the Canyon, including the famous streamliner “California Zephyr” and SP Cab Forwards with Freight. Footage of Clover Valley #4 Mallet on the Boca and Loyalton, SP #2472 at Mission Bay, and Cal-Western #M200 at Willits in revenue service are included in a section called, “then and now”.

Footage of operations today are filmed in HD, and include a cab ride on the Robert Dollar #3 through the canyon, the rare operation of SP #2472, and concludes with a Steam quadruple header!

cover39 minutes • DVD
HD 16x9 • Full sound track

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