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West Coast Railroad LoggingLOGGING RAILROADS

West Coast
Railroad Logging
(Equipment and Techniques)
Vol. 1
Vol. 2

Geography and time have brought enormous changes to the art of transforming raw logs into useful lumber. Producer-archivist Don Olsen, has spent over two decades amassing rare footage spanning 50 years, which detail logging by railroad on the West Coast - with a focus on equipment and techniques. His dream has become a reality, with the release of this Two Volume set of DVDs.

Jim Sabol spearheaded a team who provided research on the subject. Filmmaker, Warren Haack directed this unique program, which is presented in 16x9 wide screen format with stereo sound.

VOL. 1

Volume One covers the building of the railroad, felling, topping the spar tree, rigging, and the evolution of yarding. Footage of operations include the logging railroads of the Westside, Pickering, Long-Bell at Keasey, Rayonier, Fruit Growers, Union Lumber, Weyerhaeuser, Crown-Willamette, Michigan-California, Holmes-Eureka, McCloud, and Yosemite Sugarpine. Rare footage includes new sequences from 16mm film, never seen before!

cover Vol. 1
72 minutes • DVD • #WCL-1
Color & B/W • Full stereo sound track.


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VOL. 2

Volume Two covers challenges which faced railroad construction, including inclines, cableways, and powering snow. Plus parbuckling wrecks, log dumps, mills and the "end of the show".

cover Vol. 2
78 minutes • DVD • #WCL-2
Color & B/W • Full stereo sound track.


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