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Western Pacific:
The First 50 Years

Volume 1
Volume 2

Western PacificFilmmaker Don Olsen first produced this film in 1992 with the help of Guy Dunscomb and Ted Wurm. Soon out of print, it is now re-issued and substantially upgraded in a two-volume set in wide screen format with stereo sound.

VOLUME ONE:  The fascinating saga of the WP begins in Volume One with scenes of the fledgling railroad’s line, equipment and operations. The building of the Northern California Extension and its “last spike” ceremonies lead to the lean years of the 1930’s. Postwar operations along the entire line are beautifully captured in color. You’ll see all types of Western Pacific steam locomotives from the early diminutive 2-8-0s to the huge 251 class articulateds. First Generation Diesel FTs are shown in the steam to diesel transition. Operating MOW equipment, RDCs, snow removal, wrecks and WP’s SF Bay maritime fleet are also shown.

VOLUME TWO:  Features the world-famous California Zephyr. We trace the evolution of the CZ from the Exposition Flyer, Train of Tomorrow, and Burlington Zephyr, through the design of the train to its 1949 inauguration. The halcyon days of rail travel in America are showcased, including dome cars, dining and Pullman services. The 50-year anniversary of WP’s 1910 entry into Oakland with ten wheeler #94 on the point of the Zephyr is shown. Other features include early diesel freights, detours, subsidiaries Sacramento Northern, Tidewater Southern, the CCT and 1939-color footage of Stockton’s Birneys.

Historians and author Ted Benson, Wayne Monger and Evan Werkema did the research necessary to bring the new version to fruition. Former WP Employees Jack Starr, Cathy and Ernie von Ibsch are featured with on-screen interviews. Filmmaker Warren Haack directed the revised program.

The meticulous care, comprehensive research, production quality and attention to detail that make Catenary Video productions products sought after world-wide by both Historians and Railfans are evident in this DVD program.

72 minutes • DVD • Order #1-WP
Color & B+W, narration and full sound track
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72 minutes • DVD • Order #2-WP
Color & B+W, narration and full sound track

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Western Pacific - Vol. 1 + 2
72 Min. Each
DVDs • Item # 12-WP

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